Breeder Farm Management System

Breeder / Layer Management System is an integrated Software solution with a user friendly interface, which allows you to manage and improve your poultry efficiency. It enables you to track the cost and profitability with improvement of work efficiency.

Impress Livestock is a powerful tracking system covers information from housing of Day Old Chicks to Sales of Eggs and cull birds. Provides summaries and daily / weekly transaction report based on flock-wise and shed-wise. Feed, medicine, vaccine consumption, vaccination scheduling. Eggs production, collection, bifurcation daily / weekly summary. Access from anywhere at anytime. The Modules are below with brief functions:

Breeder / Layer Management

Managing and Tracking flock performance, egg production, egg collection & grading, Feed and vaccination scheduling, Chick development stages like brooding, growing pre-laying, laying. Records daily transactions, Mortality, Egg production and Sales of Egg & birds.

DOC Purchase & Flock Listing

Managing Purchase of parent DOC and placing them to the farm. Tracking the Purchase and issue of Feed Material, Medicine and store items with complete details.

Manage Breeder Life Cycle

Complete life cycle tracking with all the stages like Brooding, Growing, Pre-laying, Laying which helps you to find where your flocks are lying right now with exact quantity and mortality ratio. It helps to planning of Feed requirement, egg collection and sales.

Egg Collection and Bifurcation

Tracking and managing egg collection on a daily basis for each flock. Bifurcation of collected eggs as per category like Table egg, Hatching egg, Cracked egg etc. and tracking of inventory accordingly. Get West egg analysis report.

Daily Card Entry & Tracking

Recording daily transaction of water, feed, medicine, vaccine consumption and mortality. It helps to identify the issue raised in egg production and increased mortality. Also help to compare with standard vs. actual parameters of feed and mortality.

Egg & Culls Sales and Distribution

Capture eggs packing, sales Qty, free Qty. Delivery mode with details, delivery challan. Manages complete chicks sale process for culling.

Invoice and Accounting

Complete management of sales invoice, Purchase bill, Direct and indirect Expenses etc. Reduces 50% manual wok of Accountant by giving auto entry facility of sales & purchase. Maintaining multiple Bank records. Booking of Expenses, Loss, Tracking of Income and gain with all accounting reports.

Alert and Attention

Constant Auto Alerts (SMS / Email) for particular Activity / Event to concern person and Attention for pending work helps to prevent from any losses and make sure to complete the task on the time. It helps to take proactive measure.

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