Broiler Management System

Broiler Integration Management System covers all processes of broiler farming. It is a complete solution for open farmers, small integrators and companies to record all activities from Housing Day Old Chicks to ready bird Sales, including Purchase, Feed & Medicine stock tracking, Feed medicine vaccine disinfectant consumption on daily and weekly.

Mobile Apps enables supervisor to make daily entry from anywhere with live mortality Images. It also manages agreements and important documents for these activities in single repository. It sends auto alerts and notifications for every plan/activity to prevent any losses or damages.

Reporting tool for standard vs actual comparison report. Production cost of each bird, It provides Alerts & Attention for activity and facility to access information from anywhere, anytime. It is designed to control broiler farming cost and increase profitability.The features and Modules are listed below:

Shed Ready and DOC Placement

Farm’s shed ready report prepared with complete checkpoints to make it ready for housing the DOC in the farm. Maintain batch number, Farmer name, chicks placement Qty.

Procurement and Stock Tracking

Managing Purchase Tracking of Day Old Chick, Feed, Medicine, Vaccine and other store items. Stock transfer from unit to farm and farm to farm. Easy Tracking of live bird quantity, feed and medicine stock available at multiple farms. Minimum stock level of feeds.

Daily Card Entry

Record and tracking of feed, Medicine, Vaccine consumption, Mortality on a daily basis. Tracking standard vs actual consumption, Weight gain, FCR to take corrective action if required. Mobile Apps helps supervisor to make real time daily update of farms from anywhere, anytime with actual mortality images as well as bird lifting on a daily basis.

Production Cost and Profitability

Generates farmer production cost and actual production cost batch wise. It provides per kg production cost, farmer deduction, Incentives and profitability for quick decision making. Comparison between standard vs actual FCR and cost to analyse the batch performance and farmer performance. It helps to increase the profitability.

Birds Sales and Distribution

Booking of Bird Sales order can be maintained and tracked to find the actual profitability & performance of farm. Recording number of Birds, Weight per bird, payment terms, value per bird etc. Delivery challans are prepared with vehicle details and mode of transport.

Farmer Performance & Payouts

Software provides farmers’ performance and incentive details. It records growing charges standard vs actual and weight gain by bird to calculate the performance of farmer. Calculation of rearing charges on the basis of advance, deductions and compensation.

Invoice and Accounting

Complete management of sales invoice, Purchase bill, Direct and indirect Expenses etc. Reduces 50% manual wok of Accountant by giving auto entry facility of sales & purchase. Maintaining multiple Bank records. Booking of Expenses, Loss, Tracking of Income and gain with all accounting reports.

Alert and Attention

Constant Auto Alerts (SMS / Email) for particular Activity / Event to concern person and Attention for pending work helps to prevent from any losses and make sure to complete the task on the time. It helps to take proactive measure.

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