Feed Plant Management System

Today’s markets are changing very dynamically and competition is very high. We have analyzed this feed manufacturing industry and found few facts that management faces difficulties to track the cost of feed Production, stock availability, on time delivery and struggling for minimizing the cost, control on purchase, daily basis information tracking and employee attrition.

Impress LiveStock ERP system helps to overcome these challenges and get the desired results. Covers end to end operational activity of plant and provides control to administration. Impress LiveStock can be accessed anytime, anywhere and manages multiple branches, plants. Below are the brief of core functions:

Sales and

Provide facility for sales order booking with discounts, freight, Insurance charges, payment & delivery terms, order order execution. Available credit limit facility to track and stop the order booking. System provides the complete sales analysis based on sales representative, location, product, daily, weekly etc. tracking and distribution of product to customer and warehouse.

Procurement & Inventory Management

Managing Item category, Rate list and Item detail. Keep tracking of purchase of raw material, medicine and store items. User will be able to check the previous rates of the purchased item. Facility to set Min, Max and reorder Inventory level. GRN and stock transfer/Issue of item with complete tracking of available stock at different warehouses. Periodic Inventory Audit and adjustment functionality. Comparison Reports on date range.

Feed Formula and

Create Feed formula for each item and plan required materials accordingly, Track cost of production per bag, System allow you to do material purchase planning, production planning and sales planning for any defined period of time.

Production and Material Consumption Tracking

Tracking of daily production quantity of multiple units at multiple time shift. Daily production report helps to analyse the plant efficiency. So you can forecast new technological development and take corrective measures. Easily tracking of material consumption and analyse process loss.

Quality Control
& Lab Test

Set as many parameters as you can like moisture, size, fungus, Nutritions etc. Complete sampling process and Lab test quality monitoring of raw material and finished product. Generates quality report and tracking.

Rate and Batch Management

Manage rate list of material and take as a reference before placing a purchase order. Manage production batch helps to track the expiry, defects, inventory and distribution of product.

Invoicing &

Complete management of sales invoice, Purchase bill, Direct and indirect Expenses etc. Reduces 50% manual wok of Accountant by giving auto entry facility of sales & purchase. Maintaining multiple Bank records. Booking of Expenses, Loss, Tracking of Income and gain with all accounting reports.

Process Loss Analysis and Reporting System

Tracking of process loss or wastage of raw material to minimize the cost of manufacturing and controlling with various analytical report. Real-time Reports are available for each module and department like sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Inventory Audit, Change Log, Production & Consumption etc.

Alert and

Constant Auto Alerts (SMS / Email) for particular Activity / Event to concern person and Attention for pending work helps to prevent from any losses and make sure to complete the task on the time. It helps to take proactive measures.

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