Hatchery Management System

Hatchery Management System is developed to manage and track all activities performed at Hatchery. It provides real-time reports for quick decision making. Daily / Weekly / Monthly auto generated reports can be configured on email.

Hatchery system records all 21 days life cycle activities of hatchery from egg setting to hatching.This system keeps records of stages of egg like setting, candling and hatching. It provides you Alerts & Attention for activity. It facilitates controlling of the system and access information from Anywhere, Anytime. It helps to improve the productivity and profitability. Core features and Modules are listed below:

Tracking Hatchery Life Cycle

Tracking and Capturing all 21 days life cycle of Hatchery from Setting of eggs to the sales of chicks on a daily basis. It records lot wise all day to day transactions of setting, candling and hatching data.

Procurement and Stock Mgmt.

Generate purchase order of Hatching eggs, Packing material and other store items with complete details like free qty, discount, insurance charges, payment terms etc. It allows you to track the current available stock of eggs and all other store items.

Machine Capacity and Utilization

You will be able to do the planning of egg setting as per the capacity of Setter & Hatcher for optimum utilization of resources. It helps to minimize the cost of production to enhance the profitability, better planning of procurement.

Egg Placement Planning

Software has complete mechanism for egg placement planning for setter and hatcher. No days calculation is required by hatchery manager. It provides setter wise, hatcher wise reports of eggs setting through which you can take the correct decision.

Hatch Performance Monitoring

Daily hatching details are captured with cracked, damages and Infertile eggs which provides integrated reports on single screen to understand the performance of hatchery. This allows to understand the extra expenses incurred during the hatching process and take corrective action.

Chicks Sales and delivery

Booking of Chick Sales order with packing details, free Qty and mode of delivery etc. Daily / Weekly / Monthly sales analysis reports. Keeps records of sales booking and delivery challan which shows the final performance of Hatchery.

Invoice and Accounting

Complete management of sales invoice, Purchase bill, Direct and indirect Expenses etc. Reduces 50% manual wok of accountant by giving auto entry facility of sales & purchase. Maintaining multiple Bank records. Booking of Expenses, Loss, Tracking of Income and gain with all accounting reports.

Alert and Attention

Constant Auto Alerts (SMS / Email) for particular Activity / Event to concern person and Attention for pending work helps to prevent from any losses and make sure to complete the task on the time. It helps to take proactive measure.

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